I'll Go If You Go 🏠

IGIYG is a device that dispenses a storytelling prompt for parents and children to answer, together to create bonding experiences and build stronger relationships.
January 2019 - April 2019
Valorie - School of Information, Graduate
Kartik - Ross School of Business, Graduate
Kelly - Ross School of Business, Graduate
Eron - School of Information, Graduate
Sally - Stamps School of Art and Design, Undergrad
Design Tools
Vinyl Cutting

My Role
Visual Lead - Primary Research, Secondary Research, Concept Testing, Usability Testing, Graphic Design and Physical Prototyping.
IPD 2019 Teams

Design process of IGIYG 👇

For University of Michigan's IPD Trade Show 2019, our given challenge was the following:

Visualize the situation of pre-adolescent children ages 9-12. As they develop their autonomy and independence, it is also a critical time to establish healthy habits that can lead to positive life outcomes. Kids today interact with technology more intensively than in any previous generation.

What are we trying to solve?
The given topic was very broad and our team decided to do some primary research before tackling and focusing on one problem. To understand our targeted users better, we first jotted down 100+ product ideas for children's healthy habits. We also conducted 12 interviews with children and their guardians.
Primary Research
Which problem do we want to address?
As we came up with the 100+ ideas and interviewing 12 children with their guardians, we saw some problems and potential ideas that had patterns and themes for categorization. We decided to focus on approaching these themes for childrens' healthy habits in their pre-adolescent stages.
Research Insights
What did we find out?
Our goal for this problem was to focus on these four themes for children:

• Guardian Engagement
• Confidence
• Independence
• Self awareness

Specifically from the interviews, we found out children:
1. Like to be in control
2. Love to explore
3. Can be impulsive
4. Like to try new activities
5. Enjoys interaction with people

One of the main issues that we observed from our interviews was the communitcation between the children and their guardians. During this pre-adolescent stage, children found it difficult for them to engage with their parents in the "right" way.

1. Address the most dreadful question for children:
“How was your day today?”
“What did you learn in school today?”

2. Create a product that impact children’s relationship with their parents

3. Deepen the interaction between children & guardians

4. Main focus on engagement for the children - enjoyable experience for both

Problem Background
How did we come across this problem?
How might we help emerging adolescents to build positive relationships and trust with their guardians by creating a safe space to communicate learn?
Problem Statement
What problem are we addressing?
Ideation & Concept Testing
What are some ways to approach this problem?
We came up with 4 different concepts to test and get feedback on the idea solely. We updated our product visuals with more detailed elements so that it helps us to start thinking about the materials or technologies that could be useful when we’re trying to build our products later on.
Summarizing the total number of feedback we have from our survey and interviews, we had 62 respondents from our survey with a pretty good distribution of age group, we also had a total of 12 interviewees, including 4 kids, 2 parents, and 6 grad students that provides us really good feedback for us when testing and refining our prototypes.

Through this concept testing survey, an overarching goal would be
getting to know that does our ideas well address our product brief
and if not, how can they be modified or refined?
Research Results
These are visualized results from the survey that our team conducted
Key Findings
Research Insights
Kids are curious to learn more about their parents
People loved physical cards (instead of an app-based interface)
The device sparked engaging conversations - parents and children were willing to open up
Meet Joy, Lilly, Walt and Eric!
Product Brief
Final Idea Statement
Our product, I’ll Go If You Go, is a device that dispenses a storytelling prompt for parents and children to answer, together to help build positive relationships and trust.
Building Prototype
As a visual lead, my responsibilities for building the prototype included:

1. Planning & defining product ideas
2. Visualizing potential prototypes of the product
3. Leading the team with visual directions
4. Creating physical prototype (collaborate with engineer)
5. Designing all design elements for the team & product

Below images are the documentation of the process.
For our prototype we connected an arduino, a mini thermal printer and a push button switch.
The arduino stores the code, the questions and checks for when the switch completes the circuit.
Once the switch circuit is completed, the arduino sends code to the thermal printer to print the prompt.
Mock up and Testing
Product digital and physical mock up
Physical mock up and refined engineering drawings for the final prototype for IGIYG product.
Digital Mock Up
Along with the physical storytelling prompt dispencer that sparks conversations for children and adults, we also created a simple app for the users to be able to purchase new sets of questions. This could also help the product's side to gather users preference and tailor the users questions.
Additional Features
Digital Mock Up
After total of 3 rounds of design reviews of presenting, receiving feedback and refining ideas, my teammates and I spent the last two weeks building our:
1. Physical (looks-like) prototype
2. Funtional (works-like) prototype

👉 On April 10th, Integrated Product Development class hosted a trade show. Members of the University of Michigan community and the general public were invited to meet the student design teams, test out prototypes of their new products.

Conclusion & Feedback
Validating our product in a trade show
“The onus of starting a conversation is on the device, and not me - I love that.”
“The questions shouldn’t all be so serious - they can be fun, too!”
“I like that this is physical -  because I could just ignore the notification  on my phone”
“I would love to know more about my parents, because I know nothing about them.”

Thank you for your time

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