Blissfully is a SaaS management platform with a system of workflow, record, team organization tools and etc.
My Role
My role was to revamp their current design system for apps + licenses page, workflow gallery and dashboard page.
Design Tools
Adobe XD
4 Weeks
Worked with the CEO of Blissfully for feedback and iterations.

Blissfully 🗂

Design Process of Blissfully

How might we redesign the current design of the Blissfully dashboard for improved visibility and organized layout to allow users to navigate seamlessly?
What problem are we addressing?
1. Apps + Licenses Screens
• Create a new view for the Licenses view, based on the feedback
• Good overview to the app hierarchy and data model
• Feel light and clean, but also more informationally dense since it’s B2B power user app
2. Workflow Gallery
• This page is meant to showcase what we can do for customers
• Want this page to be more inviting + clear
• Open ended exploration
• Different iterations welcome
3. Dashboard Design
• Easily identifiable elements
• Make dashboard more visually approachable
Solution Overview
Comparison of existing design and new design:
1. Apps + Licenses
• Create a new view for the License view by considering the usage of negative and positive space, as well as hierarchy of information.
• Adding a clear structure for the header and allowing users to be able to take in all the information easily and effectively
2. Workflow Gallery
• Create a more welcoming atmosphere by showcasing introducing the action items for the customers.
• Help customers to understand what Blissfully offers for them with the SaaS management workflows.
2. Dashboard
• Create a dashboard that is easy to see overall information in one sight, but not overwhelming.
Process Overview
Understanding the current platform + functionality
1. Apps + Licenses
From the previous feedback for the current design, I was able to identify the problems within the design. Since this App + License is a page for the customers to be able to easily see the previously given license for the used applications, I believed it was essential for the customers to be able to search through and track the records of licenses.
2. Workflow Gallery
For the workflow gallery page, my role for the design was to create a more interesting visual
to show the action items for the users to be able to navigate easily and efficiently. The four different categories on one page felt tight and busy, so I decided to take a slightly different approach to the card design layout.
3. Dashboard
- Spacing could be used in a more effective way (Workflows & Requests)
- The numbers on the “Apps” category are hard to differentiate
- “People” category can be layed out in a more visually interesting way
- Graph for “My task” can be highlighted more (important for users)
- Maybe having actionable items on the actual dashboard will be helpful for the users to navigate through many different pages
Goal Setting
Reframing the goal + problem
Approaching new designs with ideation and sketching
Refined Design
Iterations based on given feedback and analyzation:
Conclusion & Feedback
💡 Consistent UI
💡 Easily navigable
💡 Information hierarchy
💡 Be proactive
Because of the existing dashboard, all pages should look coordinated with each other.
Keep the design simple, easy to navigate and functional.
Add emphasis on elements that need to be highlighted.
Continue to ask questions about the existing design and how it could be improved.

Thank you for your time!

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